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A Bit About Tara

Tara is a content creator, author, consultant, speaker and  Reiki Master. She has spent years learning different techniques and modalities from various teachers giving her a well-rounded approach to creating her own courses, guided meditations and a love letter series. She has created custom guided meditations for staff meetings and individuals. 

She believes everyone learns differently and creates material to give people a wide variety of choices. She prioritizes having a down to earth and practical approach to integrating the material seamlessly into everyday life.  
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"Tara's protection bubble is a very unique mediation. I found it very simple, and easy to recreate on my own. Tara also made it extremely personalized, which made it all the more special and useful. It helped me to find my center through the holidays, which can be a very trying time.
Tara was also quite patient, friendly, and organized to work with. Anyone who works with her in any capacity will not regret it!"
Julie, Actress


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