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A Bit About Tara

Tara is a well-being educator, guided meditation instructor, author, consultant, speaker and  Reiki Master. She has spent years learning different techniques and modalities from various teachers giving her a well-rounded approach to creating her own courses, guided meditations and a love letter series. She has created custom guided meditations for staff meetings and individuals. 

She believes everyone learns differently and creates material to give people a wide variety of choices. She prioritizes having a down to earth and practical approach to integrating the material seamlessly into everyday life.  
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"Tara's protection bubble is a very unique meditation. I found it very simple, and easy to recreate on my own. Tara also made it extremely personalized, which made it all the more special and useful. It helped me to find my center through the holidays, which can be a very trying time.
Tara was also quite patient, friendly, and organized to work with. Anyone who works with her in any capacity will not regret it!"
Julie, Actress
"Tara shared her Grief Love Letter shortly after I lost a close friend unexpectedly. Her insights to grief are heartfelt and soothing. I recommend the love letter for anyone who has recently (or even not so recent) experienced the loss of a loved one…Tara touches on many of the grief emotions and gives you hope for the coming days ahead."
Ann K. Business Consultant
"Tara's course, You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What, introduced me to lots of different types of mindful practices. I really valued the exposure to them all, and some of them have continued to be part of my journey. I'm finally learning to let go of the ideal me that I thought I had to be in order to be worthy of love, and discover the imperfect beautiful and precious real me."
John P, Software Developer


Tara Wilken LLC provides information, services, and products to assist with your well-being. Everyone has different needs; therefore, Tara Wilken LLC is unable to guarantee the information, services, and products offered will enhance your specific well-being. The available information, services, and products can be used in conjunction with certified medical treatments or services as deemed appropriate by a medical provider if necessary. The current information, services, and products available are not licensed by any medical establishment. Use your own discretion while choosing to utilize the information, products, and services provided by Tara Wilken LLC.

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