3rd Thursdays, Live, In-Person Guided Meditations


Hi All,
Before Conoravirus outbreak, I was debating about cancelling or postponing these live guided meditations.  

At this time these will be postponed at least through June (which I was already thinking about).  I will keep you updated on if these are restarted later this year.

The unknown, makes your fear intensified. Make sure you are taking care of your emotional and spiritual health at this time too.  

My Instagram account will be focusing on emotional and spiritual wellness from now through the end of April.

Sending you love and calmness.


You're Invited!

Live in the Twin Cities?

Come relax and replenish with Tara as she hosts a monthly live, in-person talk and Guided Meditation on a well-being topic.

February Details

Topic: Learning to Trust Yourself

Sometimes we seek everyone’s else opinion expect ourselves. This month you will connect to your own inner wisdom. For this guided meditation you will be taken to an area in your life where you need some clarity. The answers found in listening to this guided meditation may surprise you.

February 20th, 2020; 6:30-7:30pm

Central Park Woodbury MN: Tamarack Room

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Upcoming 3rd Thursdays


March 19th, 2020; 6:30-7:30pm

Topic: You are Worthy to Forgive Yourself 

We can be our own worst critic and the one who never thinks we don’t deserve to forgive ourselves. But the truth is, you are worthy of forgiveness. This month you will connect with the part of you that needs your forgiveness. This will be metaphor based, so you don’t need to be physically thinking about what you want or need to forgive yourself for.

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Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to try guided meditation and maybe slightly intimated on where to start. 


Anyone who already enjoys listening to and receiving the benefits of guided meditations.

Why Attend?

This is an easy way to prioritize your well-being without your normal home and work distractions interfering with your time to relax.

Sometimes going somewhere besides your home can give you a different perspective on the importance of focusing on your well-being. You are committing to showing up for yourself.


Please bring an item to donate to the food pantry if you are able to.

What does Tara believe about meditating?

Tara believes there are lots ways to meditate. And for her, no one practice is better than another. What matters the most is you are comfortable and relaxed. She encourages you to find what is comfortable for you. She has mediated in quietness of the woods, her home, or even in a moving bus. It all depends what is needed at the moment. 

How does Tara structure her guided meditations?

Her guided meditations provide imagery for you to focus on. This makes it easier for you to relax and set aside your worries, to-do lists, and mental clutter. 

During the middle of the meditation Tara will be quiet so you can relax deeper into the meditation. She then wraps up the meditation and returns you to the present moment. 

Past Guided Meditations

Connecting to Your Inner Truth

We all get so busy, we forget to take the time to listen to ourselves and what our spirits need. This month you will connect to the quiet part of your being to help you become aware your own individual truth and how to integrate this aspect of truth into your daily life.
Guided Meditation: Treasure Chest of Truth
Have more questions about meditation and guided meditation in general head over to the FAQ page on meditation. 
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