How to get the most out of the this course

  • Each day will have several sections. Start at the top and work your way down
    • Quick Overview
      • Estimated time 
      • Type of activity 
      • The “Why” it works
      • Intensity Guideline (Low, Medium, or Deep)
    • About Today
      • Set up for the day’s activity
      • Possible day’s activity 
    • Activity
      • Instructions and the day’s activity 
      • Format of activity (PDF,  Video, Audio)
    • Tara’s Insights 
      • Additional information Tara wanted to include (personal stories, behind the scenes on creating a day, etc.)
  • Actually do the Activity! If there is no separate activity listed, it will be included in the “About Today” section. 
  • Come back to any day, as you need to
  • Make a commitment to yourself to show up for you! 

You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What

This LIVE 45 day course gives you different activities each day to enhance and strengthen your sense of self and your self-worth.  

You are worthy. You are enough.

Next LIVE Course starts September 8th 2020!

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