Love Letter Series: Dear Business Owner by Tara Wilken

Love Letter Series: Dear Business Owner

As a business owner you deal with multiple items on a daily basis. Sometimes you need a bit of encouragement to get through the day.

This Love Letter is designed to provide you with some encouragement when you have a rough day.

Dear Business Owner,

This Love Letter: "Dear Business Owner" is designed to give you encouragement when you need it the most.

It acknowledges you will have some days in your business when you question why you are doing this, or even just when you feel down about something happening in your business.

You have the option to read or listen to this Love Letter: Business Encouragement. I know some of you prefer to read these Love Letters to yourself. While others of you prefer to hear the letter.

If you listen to this love letter you can either play the audio file or the video file.  The video file is still picture throughout. You will only hear my voice on the video file.


What's included?

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Love Letter: Dear Business Owner PDF
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Love Letter: Dear Business Owner
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Love Letter: Dear Business Owner
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“A Pure Embrace” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.


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