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Fear FAQs

What makes fears feel so powerful?

Physically: Fear can be helpful in determining if you need to leave a situation immediately or fight. (The flight or fight response) This automatic response can bring you into hyper focus, to deal with the situation at hand, however, most of the time, we aren’t in physical danger, but our bodies may still react like we are.   

Emotionally:  Fear can be triggered by something that makes you uncomfortable including change. And because we are SO adapt and creating fears, we easily can think of worst case scenario (or 10 worst case scenarios) which makes our fears become even larger and more unmanageable.

Why do we hide behind our fears?

We falsely tell ourselves if we hide behind our fears, we will be safe. Because we know what we already have or are dealing with. We unfairly tell and convince ourselves the new could be worse, and to be fair, it could it be. However, most often when we find the strength to move on to something new (be it: a living situation, a relationship, a job or a combination of several things) it usually turns out better than what we had or even imagined.

What is one thing to help overcome a fear?

Seeing we tend to view our fears as disproportionately large we tend to allow them great power over us. One of the easiest things to do is change the size of your fear. You can do this by visualizing dropping a fear into something which is WAY larger than the fear.