Guided Meditation: Cramps, Cramps Go Away by Tara Wilken

Guided Meditation: Cramps, Cramps Go Away

A guided meditation to help you feel supported and maybe even lessen your menstrual cramps.

Dear Lovely,

When you are under stress your cramps during your period can be worse. This guided meditation is designed to be listened to during your period, especially when you want to curl into a ball because of your cramps.

I normally don’t instruct you how to sit or lay during any of my guided meditations. Choosing instead to let you find your own comfortable spot. In this guided meditation I do give you a couple of recommendations, including rolling into a ball if you so choose. However please still do what works best for you.

“Cramps, Cramps Go Away” is also slightly different than my other guided meditations. It combines guided imagery and color visualization to try to help lessen your cramps.

I do a variation of this meditation myself when my cramps are bad. I personally sometimes use a hot pack as well during the meditation. Go, grab a hot pack or hot water bottle and get comfortable. Being comfortable as possible should be your goal.

You have the option to watch or listen to this Guided Meditation: “Cramps, Cramps Go Away”. I know some of you prefer to watch something when you are trying to meditate.

The video file is still picture throughout. You will only hear my voice on the video file.

Sending you extra comfort and love during this time.


What's included?

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Guided Meditation: Cramps, Cramps Go Away Audio
9 mins
Guided Meditation: Cramps, Cramps Go Away Video
9 mins


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