To Ease Your Grieving Process

Although grieving is universal, the grieving process is as individual as you are.

Tara has dealt with a lot of grief in her own life and has assisted others in theirs. It was important to her to include some grief resources. 

She holds you in love and support in your time of sorrow. 

Products to Comfort You

Tears of Grief Bundle

Guided Meditations and a Love Letter to help you feel less alone in your grief. The Guided Meditation: Cry, Little One, Cry mets you in sorrow. Guided Meditation: Pure Love offers you some emotional comfort. And the Love Letter is for support. 
Learn More: Tears of Grief Bundle

Blog Posts

The below are Tara's blog posts written about death and grieving. 

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Death of a Co-Worker

From Murder to Suicide to Sudden Death I've Had My Share of Coworkers Deaths

What I’ve learned can help leaders and coworkers alike
My Share of Coworkers Deaths

Common Mistakes Bosses Make When a Coworker Dies

And how you can avoid making them.

Common Mistakes Bosses Make

Death Of a Co-Worker Part One

Some perspective for  when you are dealing with a death of a co-worker.  Including normalizing some questions you may have but are afraid to ask

Death of a Co-Worker Part 1

Death Of a Co-Worker Part Two

Some suggestions for how to handle temporary or long term responsibilities the deceased person's was responsible for. Because chances are, work still needs to be completed.
Death of Co-Worker Part 2

Death and Grief

Tara Has Been to Over 50 Funerals, She Knows a Fair Amount About Grief

This blog post is part personal and part educational. Tara writes about some of her experiences and provides ways to help you deal with your grief or how to help someone else deal with their grief.
Over 50 Wakes, Funeral and Celebrations of Life

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