Guided Meditation: Grief - Cry Little One Cry by Tara Wilken

Guided Meditation: Grief - Cry Little One Cry

Sometimes the best way to grieve is to allow yourself time to cry. This guided meditation gives you a safe space in which to let your tears flow.

Dear Lovely,

This guided meditation is unlike my other guided meditations. Instead of starting to ask you to relax, I meet you where you are, in the midst of your grief.  

Throughout the meditation you are given permission to cry and to feel your grief. There is time in the middle of meditation where I am silent allowing you to have the space you need to grieve.

A common fear about letting go and feeling your grief is, if you give into your grief, you won’t be able to come back. 

At the end of this guided meditation I assist you in coming back to the present. This allows you to feel safe to cry, knowing there is assistance for you to return to the present. 

I have also increased the length of the music at the end of the meditation to allow you more time to reorient yourself back to the present. Once the music becomes louder, I don’t talk anymore.

After you have completed this meditation you still probably will be grieving. This meditation is meant to ease your sorrow, and give you a safe space to feel your grief.

You can replay this guided meditation as much as need to.

Go, grab some tissues, listen to this guided meditation and cry.

Sending you healing, support and comfort in your time of sorrow.


What's included?

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Guided Meditation: Grief- Cry Little One Cry: Audio
10 mins
Guided Meditation: Grief - Cry Little One Cry: Video
10 mins


Once you purchase this guided meditation you will receive an auto generated email from my web host (Podia) confirming your purchase and giving you access to the guided meditation. I am not allowed to change this auto generated message and it is quite cheerful, so I apologize in advance for the mismatch of the language and context during this time of your sorrow. Podia is aware of the issue and working on a solution.

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“Adrift Volume 2” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed by Enlightened Audio.