Grieving Fido by Tara Wilken

Grieving Fido

Having to say good-bye to your beloved dog, who is a member of your family is awful.

This 'Grieving Fido' bundle provides you some comfort and support during this hard time.

Dear Grieving One,

It’s always hard to say good-bye to a beloved family member.

 The grief you have for loss of your dog is real and valid.

It can be hard to find ways to grieve for your loss. 

Sometimes you need more than a sympathy card.

This bundle was created in response to requests from customers.

  • Grieving for Fido’, is a guided meditation to have a safe space to cry and to feel your grief.

  • The Final Good-Bye’ is a love letter to you, when you are questioning if you made the right decision to say the final good-bye.

  • Emptiness’ is also a love letter to you, when you feel the emptiness of your home with them gone.

  • Pure Love’ is a guided meditation that surrounds you in Pure Love, to help you get through this time.

I have had to say good-bye to several dogs in my lifetime. 

It never gets easier, but I hope this bundle is able to provide you some comfort during this time.

I don’t usually call out the pictures I have for my products. But this one is dear to me. The picture for this bundle is Marney’s paw print (Marney pictured at left) . I got her when I was 6th grade and had to say “Good-Bye” when I was 24. She and I had an incredibly close bond.

I send you, love, kindness and healing in your time of grief.

In Love and Kindness,



Once you purchase Grieving Fido you will receive an auto generated email from my web host (Podia) confirming your purchase and giving you access to the bundle. I am not allowed to change this auto generated message and it is quite cheerful, so I apologize in advance for the mismatch of the language and context during this time of your sorrow. Podia is aware of the issue and working on a solution.

Bundle Specific FAQs

Is this pet loss bundle only for dog owners?

Tara references dogs in her guided meditation and love letters, so this is bundle is geared toward dog owners.

Will Tara do another grief bundle for different pets?

Tara has thought about it, but she herself has only had dogs.  The option is still on the table, but more likely than not, this will be the only pet loss bundle she creates. 

General Bundle FAQs

Does Tara offer a preview of her Guided Meditation Bundles?

No, she doesn't. Some of her guided meditations are available on Insight Timer. You can check out some of her guided meditations there.

What is the difference between her guided meditations and her love letters?

Tara's Guided Meditations use imagery to help you get into a mediative state.  Her love letters are recorded as if she is reading a loud a letter to you.  

Does Tara offer a refund to the guided meditation bundles?

No. All sales are final for all of her guided meditation bundles.

Do you accept PayPal?


Why aren't all her guided meditation bundles free?

There are a lot of free guided meditations available on the internet. By all means you should explore some of those options as well. These bundles are designed to give you a more encompassing approach to your complete well-being than some of the free meditations available. 

Also, when you financially invest in yourself (with any of these bundles or something else), you are saying to yourself, you are worthy to invest time and resources in.

And last but not least, Thank You, for supporting a small business. The world would be very different and a monotone place if there were no small businesses left.