Love Letter Series

Welcome to the Love Letter Series

Tara explains why she created the Love Letter Series.

Love Letter Series

Love Letter Series: Dear Grieving One; Grief Letter PDF

This is a love letter written for the grieving.


What is included with each Love Letter?

Unless otherwise stated, Tara provides you with a PDF, an audio file and video file of the specific Love Letter. 

Do you offer refunds?

Digital Downloads (Including Guided Meditations and Love Letters Series)
There are no refunds. All sales final.

Why aren't all your love letters free?

There is a lot of free information available on the internet about how to increase your sense of self and your self worth. By all means you should explore some of those options as well. These Love Letters are designed to give you a bit of extra support in a specific area of your life.

Also, when you financially invest in yourself (with any of these love letters or something else), you are saying to yourself, you are worthy to invest time and resources in.

And last but not least, Thank You, for supporting a small business. The world would be very different and a monotone place if there were no small businesses left.