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Periods Are Atrocious

Periods don't bring joy on the best of days, however when you are stressed they can be even harder to deal with. 

It becomes even more crucial to honor, respect and listen to yourself during your period.

Take care of you and your needs! You're worthy and deserving of self-care, always, especially on your period. 

Products for Self Love During Your Period

Period Bundle: Guided Meditations and Love Letter

Guided Meditations to help lessen your cramps and stress. Another guided meditation to offer you emotional support. And finally a Love letter to you, to re-enforce you're worthy.
Learn More about the Period Bundle

Other Resources

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This blog content is produced by Lola a feminine care essentials company. 
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This blog content is produced by Cora a feminine care essentials company.
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You're Worthy, You're Enough!

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