PREVIEW: You're Worthy by Tara Wilken

PREVIEW: You're Worthy

INTRODUCING, "You're Worthy"  Preview

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This LGBT online course is designed to eliminate your self-doubt and fear.
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Coming Out or Attracting Your Dream Person is Easier when You're Loving Your Life!

"You're Worthy" Preview course helps you fall in love with your life.

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Be comfortable with coming out (even just to yourself)


Be ready to fall in love with a special person

Preview Course "You're Worthy"

This is a FREE Preview of the first 3 days of the complete "You're Worthy" course. The full course is 10 days with 2 bonus days!

This course is for you if:

  • You’re “out” and want to increase your self-acceptance.

  • You’re “out” and looking to let lingering fears go.

  • You’re “out” in some areas of your life and want to be more comfortable being out in other areas of your life.

  • You’re “not out” and trying to figure out how you identify.

  • You’re “not out” and want to feel better about yourself.

  • You’re “not out” and falling for someone of the same sex or gender.

Skip this course if:

  • You shudder at the topics of personal development or self care.

  • You hate meditation or visualizations. This course has both. :) If you’re indifferent to them, you might want to consider this course. Tara’s guided meditations and visualizations are different from the typical breathing or picturing the future exercises. 

A course designed to improve your self-worth

 "You're Worthy" focuses on addressing doubt and fears related to feeling inadequate or unworthy or not enough. 

This course does not directly address the very real and serious safety fears in the community. But Tara Wilken LLC understands that those safety fears and concerns exist. Tara, herself has dealt with some of them. 

This course is in no way trying to diminish or minimize your personal safety fears. You and only you can decide on what level of comfort and safety you need. 

Course Specific FAQs

If I am not out, does this course force me to come out?

No. Tara believes everyone’s decision to come out or not is entirely up to the individual. This course is designed to help you feel comfortable and worthy of your sexuality and your sexaul orientation.

Can you guarantee my anonymity?

 As much as Tara wishes this was the case, no. Tara Wilken LLC makes every attempt to keep individual information secure and confidential. However, this is a group course. To increase your anonymity, you can choose not to upload a photo or participate in the comment section. 

If you choose to use your photo and name in the comment section, other participants will see your name and picture, and you will not be anonymous. 

<FOR PREVIEW COURSE ONLY > The comment section is turned off for the Preview course so there are no interactions with other participants.

The material is released each day and an email is automatically triggered to the user’s inbox. Tara Wilken LLC tries to make reasonable attempts to not use the term LGBT or explicitly mention sexual orientation in the daily emails.

However, she does talk about being LGBT in her videos and some course material does explicitly mention it, so it is possible someone could overhear you listening to the videos or see something if you print out the PDFs.

If I am Trans or Gender Fluid is this course for me?

This course is mainly focused on sexual orientation. That said, you still may find the course beneficial. Tara highly recommends taking the free preview of this course to see if this would be something you are interested in.

Does this course replace therapy?

No, Tara is not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist or psychologist. Tara creates courses in the personal development field and happens to be gay herself. She created this course because she saw a need for it in her community.

What ages are appropriate for this course?

This course is directed toward adults. Tara came out to her friends and family in her late twenties and professionally came out with the release of this course. :) She was out professionally to a few people prior to this course. So the lens in which she teaches from mirrors her own experiences and others who have come out later in life. Tara feels there is still a lack of resources for people who come out later as adults.

Does Tara talk about why she created this course?

Yes, there is a video on the full "You're Worthy" course page about Tara coming out professionally.

General FAQs

Do I need to enter my credit card information?

Nope. Just enter your email to gain access to the preview "You're Worthy"

Are there more FAQs?

Yes! There are more FAQs listed on the full course "You're Worthy" page.

What's included?

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