Love, Love and more Love

There are many types of love and it is important you extend love to yourself as often as possible. This page offers resources to help you focus on self-love. Including, how you can strengthen your love for yourself.

Products to Strengthen Self-Love

Love Letter: Dear Radiant One

Sometimes everyone could use a bit of encouragement. 
Dear Radiant One

Guided Meditation: Pure Love

Sometimes everyone needs a bit of extra love. 
Pure Love

On-Line Courses

Preview Course: You Matter

This is a FREE 5 day preview of the “You Matter: A Daily Dose of Love” course. Each preview day’s activity is a slight variation of the day’s activity from the full course. 

You are enough. You matter.
Preview: You Matter

Full Course: You Matter

This 30 day course gives you an easy way each day to extend some kindness and love to yourself. The actives are designed to be low intensity, and easily completed. 

You are enough. You matter.
You Matter

Preview: You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What

This is a FREE 5 day preview of the “You Got This: How to Love Yourself, No Matter What” course. This preview gives you a way to see if you like Tara’s teaching style, the type of course material and how the material is presented to you. For each of the 5 days you will receive different activity to enhance and strengthen your self worth.  

Make it a strong relationship. 
Preview: You Got This

You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What

This 45 day course gives you different activities each day to enhance and strengthen your sense of self and your self-worth. 

After all, the relationship you have with yourself will be the longest relationship of your life. 

Make it a strong relationship.
You Got This


What is Self-Love?

Self-love is giving yourself permission to love every single aspect of yourself.  Even the parts you dislike. The more you can extend kindness, compassion and love for yourself, the stronger and more resilient you become as an individual.

What is Self-Care?

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How are they different?

Self-Care is a form of Self-Love and is needed to show yourself some tangible ways to extend kindness, compassion and love for yourself. Self-Love goes deeper. Enabling you to extend forgiveness to yourself. Honoring all of your experiences and emotions. As well as connecting you to your own sexuality, sensuality and spirituality.

Blog Posts

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My Self-Care Practices

A few tips on self-care, that Tara practices regularly herself. Posted via Thrive Global.
My Self-Care Practices