Stress Resources

When you are stressed it can be hard to do simple things. It also becomes easier to berate yourself for almost anything.

One of the ways to decrease your stress is to find ways to extend kindness and love to yourself.

Stress FAQs

What are 3 sneaky stress factors?

1) Trying to control an outcome of any situation leads to increased stress. 

2) Forgetting you can ask for help and trying to do everything yourself.

3) Trying to please everyone at your expense.

What are 3 ways to help reduce stress?

1) Acknowledge you are stressed. Admitting you are stress is the way to begin to handle your stress.

2) Take 3 deeps breaths, whenever you acknowledge you are stressed. 1 deep breath doesn't help you much. But taking 3 deeps breaths allows your body to relax a bit, allowing the stress you holding onto to lessen.

3) At night pay attention to your hands as you are getting ready to go to sleep. When you stressed your hands may curl into fists without you even realizing it. Allowing your hands to relax into an open position, helps you as you are trying to fall asleep. ( Tara speak's from personal experience!)

What is one thing Tara does to reduce stress?

The one thing which probably helps me the most is to be connected with nature. Even if I only end up buying myself some flowers, those flowers help to lessen my stress level.

Products to Help You Relieve Stress

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