You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What by Tara Wilken

You Got This: How to Love Yourself No Matter What

This 45 day course gives you different activities each day to enhance and strengthen your sense of self and your self worth.  After all, the relationship you have with yourself will be the longest relationship of your life. 

Make it a strong relationship. 

You are worthy. You are enough.


How do I get the material for any of the courses offered?

Each day you will receive an email with a link to that day’s material.

Is there any way to know what the topic will be and how much time it will take?

Each email will include a Quick Overview of that day’s material.
The following is what the quick overview will include:
Day: Which day and what it is called
Estimated Time to Complete: Gives you an idea how much time you will      need for this particular activity.
Activity: What type of activity is for the day
    The Why: This gives a bit of background on why a particular activity works or why it was included in the course. This section was important for Tara included, as she, herself, is one of those people, that says “This is great, but WHY I am learning this?”
    Intensity Guideline: This will let you know an estimated intensity of the material. The material will be labeled as Low, Medium or Deep. This was important to Tara to include, because she has taken classes where all of a sudden the material asked the participant to go deep, and she wasn’t ready for it. 
  • Low level intensity days, are going to be days you don’t have to think much about
  • Medium level intensity days, are going to be days you will ponder a bit more
  • Deep level intensity days, are going to be days you are being asked to look deep within yourself.

How much time will each day take?

More than 80% of the activities are less than 10 minutes. And about half of those are 5 minutes or less. There are a few days that the activity is more than 10 minutes, but those should still be easy to incorporate into your routine. For example, one activity is to turn off technology 30 minutes before going to bed. 

What if I do the activity in less or more time than the estimated time?

That is okay. This course is really for you to integrate ways to enhance and strengthen your love for yourself.  The estimated time is truly just an estimate, so you have a rough idea how long a particular day’s activity should take you.

What types of activities are presented in the course?

  • Art
  • Body Movement 
  • Coloring
  • Engaging in the present moment (Listed as Being Engaged)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Journaling 
  • Reading
  • Visualizations
  • Writing 

Why are there different intensity levels; I can handle going deep all the time.

People need time to absorb information. By having different levels of intensity, you are being given a way to balance the material and your insights, so you can fully integrate the information.

I know the course is based on Chakras; What if I don’t believe in them?

Tara has a really good friend who doesn’t believe in chakras, but they still are able to communicate about balancing body, mind and spirit topics because both schools of thought are similar. 

You can think of the chakras as a more detailed approach to body, mind and spirit concepts. Even though ‘You Got This’ was based on chakra concepts and attributes, there are only a couple of days in  the entire course that actually call out chakras. 

Day 4: Inner Truth is one of them. You can sign up for the free ‘PREVIEW You Got This’ course to see how the chakras are handled in the course.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are subtle energy, flowing seamlessly throughout the body. 
There are 7 main chakras and they are residing along the spine. For more information about chakras and how Tara uses them in her class, sign up for the free ‘Preview You Got This’ course.

Do you offer refunds?

 All of the courses offer a free 5 day preview course to see if the course is what you are looking for. The preview courses, should give you a good indication of whether or not to sign up for the full course. 

There is a refund window of the first 5 days after purchasing a full course, however this is the same window as the preview course. 

So it is easier to take the preview course for free where no credit card is needed.

What's included?

Video Icon 4 videos File Icon 136 files


How to get the most out of the this course
550 KB
Day 1: You’ve Got This
Day 1: Quick Overview
3 MB
Day 1: Activity
32 KB
Day 2: Golden Box
Day 2: Quick Overview
3.61 MB
Day 2: About Today
43.5 KB
Day 2: Activity: Golden Box Suggestions
3.66 MB
Day 2: Activity: Golden Box
25.6 KB
Day 2: Activity: Golden Box Example
2.68 MB
Day 2: Tara’s Insights
28.9 KB
Day 3: Muscle Building
Day 3: Quick Overview
4.61 MB
Day 3: About Today
45.5 KB
Day 4: Wheel Of Truth
Day 4: Quick Overview
805 KB
Day 4: About Today
44.2 KB
Day 4: Activity: Wheel of Truth
31.9 KB
Day 4: Activity: Inner Truth Statements
17 MB
Day 4: Inner Truth Attributes
17 MB
Day 4: Mini Chakra Lesson
327 KB
Day 5: To Your House We Go
Day 5: Quick Overview
5.08 MB
Day 5: About Today
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Day 5 Meditation FAQs.pdf
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Day 5: Activity: Guided Meditation Audio
6 mins
Day 5: Activity: Guided Meditation
6 mins
Day 6: Bumble Bee
Day 6: Quick Overview
1.05 MB
Day 6: About Today
84.2 KB
Day 6: Tara’s Insights
29.5 KB
Day 7: Power Of ...
Day 7: Quick Overview
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Day 7: About Today
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Day 7: Activity
5 mins
Day 7: Tara’s Insights
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Day 8: Song and Dance
Day 8: Quick Overview
3.86 MB
Day 8: About Today
39.8 KB
Day 8: Tara’s Insights
30.6 KB
Day 9: Enoughness
Day 9: Quick Overview
3.67 MB
Day 9: About Today
43.9 KB
Day 9: Tara’s Insights
28.9 KB
Day 10: Hearts of Love
Day 10: Quick Overview
1.08 MB
Day 10: About Today
41.7 KB
Day 10: Activity
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Day 10: Tara’s Insights
28.4 KB
Day 11: Head Space
Day 11: Quick Overview
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Day 11: About Today
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Day 12: Sorry, Oops Sorry
Day 12: Quick Overview
3.06 MB
Day 12: About Today
44.7 KB
Day 13: Talking Bubbles
Day 13: Quick Oview
2.41 MB
Day 13: About Today
39.1 KB
Day 13: Activity: Part One
23.4 KB
Day 13: Activity: Part Two
49.9 KB
Day 13: Tara’s Insights
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Day 14: Beach Stroll
Day 14: Quick Overview
2.66 MB
Day 14: Activity Guided Meditation Audio
8 mins
Day 14: Activity Guided Meditation Video
8 mins
Day 15: Recieving Love
Day 15: Quick Overview
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Day 15: About Today
48.8 KB
Day 15: Tara’s Insights
31.2 KB
Day 16: What If
Day 16: Quick Overview
1.39 MB
Day 16: About Today
48.7 KB
Day 16: Tara’s Insights
29.2 KB
Day 17: Need Air
Day 17: Quick Overview
2.3 MB
Day 17: About Today
38.9 KB
Day 17: Tara’s Insights
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Day 18: Renewal
Day 18: Quick Overview
2.84 MB
Day 18: About Today
59 KB
Day 18: Tara’s Insights
30.2 KB
Day 19: A Little Bit of Magic
Day 19: Quick Overview
2.6 MB
Day 19: About Today
39.8 KB
Day 19: Tara’s Insights
29.1 KB
Day 20: Fun for Fun’s Sake
Day 20: Quick Overview
2.31 MB
Day 20: About Today
56.9 KB
Day 20: Tara’s Insights
30.5 KB
Day 21: Topsy Turvey
Day 21: Quick Overview
5.15 MB
Day 21: About Today
51.9 KB
Day 21: Activity: Instructions
1.16 MB
Day 21: Activity
2.04 MB
Day 22: Reset
Day 22: Quick Overview
1.33 MB
Day 22: About Today
57.1 KB
Day 23: Brick By Brick
Day 23: Quick Overview
3.44 MB
Day 23: About Today
44.3 KB
Day 23: Activity
1.35 MB
Day 23: Tara’s Insights
30.1 KB
Day 24: Sensual Delights
Day 24: Quick Overview
2.53 MB
Day 24: About Today
59.1 KB
Day 24: Tara’s Insights
29.4 KB
Day 25: Missing Piece
Day 25: Quick Overview
3.92 MB
Day 25: Activity
36.5 KB
Day 26: Up, Up and Away
Day 26: Quick Overview
4.4 MB
Day 26: About Today
50.7 KB
Day 26: Activity
7 mins
Day 27: Play Along
Day 27: Quick Overview
4.11 MB
Day 27: About Today
42.2 KB
Day 28: Forest Love
Day 28: Quick Overview
4.9 MB
Day 28: Activity Guided Meditation Audio
10 mins
Day 28: Activity Guided Meditation video
10 mins
Day 29: Sunny Sunflower
Day 29: Quick Overview
1.29 MB
Day 29: About Today
40.7 KB
Day 30: Gaming the Game
Day 30: Quick Overview
1.68 MB
Day 30: About Today
51 KB
Day 30: Tara’s Insights
28.3 KB
Day 31: Bear Hug
Day 31: Quick Overview
3.91 MB
Day 31: About Today
49.6 KB
Day 31: Tara’s Insights
34.4 KB
Day 32: Keep Going
Day 32: Quick Overview
5.22 MB
Day 32: Activity
35.4 KB
Day 33: Friend in Need
Day 33: Quick Overview
3.32 MB
Day 33: About Today
58 KB
Day 34: Bountiful Abundance
Day 34: Quick Overview
3.1 MB
Day 34: About Today
45.4 KB
Day 34: Tara’s Insights
32.6 KB
Day 35: Loving Attention
Day 35: Quick Overview
2.35 MB
Day 35: About Today
38.8 KB
Day 35: Tara’s Insights
29.4 KB
Day 36: Banishing Insecurities
Day 36: Quick Overview
3.31 MB
Day 36: About Today
42.3 KB
Day 36: Activity
4 mins
Day 36- Tara’s Insights.pdf
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Day 37: Replenish
Day 37: Quick Overview
4.55 MB
Day 37: About Today
47 KB
Day 38: A Smile a Day
Day 38: Quick Overview
2.49 MB
Day 38: About Today
13.7 MB
Day 38: Tara’s Insights
30.8 KB
Day 39: Cave Dweller
Day 39: Quick Overview
4.45 MB
Day 39: Activity: Guided Meditation Audio
8 mins
Day 39: Activity: Guided Meditation Video
8 mins
Day 40: Slather On
Day 40: Quick Overview
5.59 MB
Day 40: About Today
41.9 KB
Day 41: Absolute Trouble
Day 41: Quick Overview
3.39 MB
Day 41: About Today
46.7 KB
Day 41: Activity
130 KB
Day 41: Activity: Example
10 MB
Day 42: Dearest
Day 42: Quick Overview
1000 KB
Day 42: About Today
42 KB
Day 42: Tara’s Insights
29.4 KB
Day 43: Fun Together
Day 43: Quick Overview
3.04 MB
Day 43: About Today
62.7 KB
Day 44: Wheels in Motion
Day 44: Quick Overview
2.34 MB
Day 44: About Today
41.3 KB
Day 44: Activity: Wheel of Truth
31.9 KB
Day 44: Activity: Hearts of Love
81.7 KB
Day 44: Tara’s Insights
28.9 KB
Day 45: Celebrate YOU!
Day 45: Quick Overview
1.82 MB
Day 45: About Today
34.1 KB