You Matter: A Daily Dose of Love by Tara Wilken

You Matter: A Daily Dose of Love

Burnt Out?



You Matter Course

This 30 day course is designed to give you quick and easy ways to gain a sense of freedom in your life.

Reducing your inner critic.

Releasing your worries and stresses.

So you can allow more joy in.

You're Enough, You Matter!

Course Specific "You Matter" FAQs

How much time will each day’s activity take?

95% of the activities are under 5 minutes.

Is there time to interact with Tara?

All of these actives are meant to be quick, easy, and available to you at your own pace. Tara encourages you to interact with her in other ways.

Am I able to comment on the day's activity?

This is course is designed for you to be completed independently and enjoy a bit of time for yourself, with no distractions. Therefore the comments are turned off for this course.

What types of activities does this course have?

  • Body Movement 
  • Engaging in the present moment (Listed as: "Being Engaged")

Common FAQs

Why isn’t all course material available right away?

Tara’s courses are designed to give you the most successful way to integrate the material into your life. Too much all at once, tends to be overwhelming. ;)

What if I miss a day?

No problem any prior day’s material is available, by clicking on the link in any of the emails or by accessing your account on

How will I know if I completed a day?

Once you have viewed the material it will show grayed out with a line through it. However, you can always click on the crossed out item to review the material again.

Will I be able to access the material after the course ends?

Yes! All course material will continue to be available to you after the course ends.

Are the preview courses the same as the full course?

Yes. However the daily emails may differ slightly.

Why aren’t all of the courses free?

There is a lot of free information available on the internet about how to increase your sense of self and your self-worth. By all means you should explore some of those options as well. These courses are designed to give you a more encompassing approach to your complete well-being than some of the free information available. 

Also, when you financially invest in yourself (with any of these courses or something else), you are saying to yourself, you're worthy to invest time and resources in.

And last but not least, Thank You, for supporting a small business. The world would be very different and a monotone place if there were no small businesses left.

Are Tara's course for everyone?

Short answer, Tara would love them to be.

The longer answer. It is more complicated than that. Tara has tried and will keep trying to make the courses as inclusive as she can.  

Some things that Tara recommends aren’t going to resonate with you and that’s okay. 

Tara's philosophy is take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Different teachers, enable you to comprehend and integrate the material when you're ready to hear, learn and apply the material.

And sometimes a teacher will never be able to connect to someone even if the same material is being taught. To get the most out of any of these courses, or even to get the most out of life, you have to be able to be receptive to learn from the person who is providing the experience.

Which is part of the reason Tara offers preview courses. These preview courses give you a chance to see if you like Tara’s style, personality, and offerings. If it turns out you can learn from her great, and if you decide someone else is a better fit for you, great!  

Here are some important questions for you to consider anytime you are thinking about taking any course: 

  • Do I resonate with this person? 

  • Do I resonate with this material? 

  • Do I resonate with how the material is being presented?

Payment FAQs

Do you offer a refund?

All of the courses offer a free 5 day preview course to see if the course is what you are looking for. The preview courses, should give you a good indication of whether or not to sign up for the full course. 

There is a refund window of the first 5 days after purchasing a full course minus the processing fees, however this is the same window as the preview course. 

So it is easier to take the preview course for free where no credit card is needed.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, for products which are paid in full at the time of purchase.

What's included?

File Icon 31 files


How you can get the most out of these activities.
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Day 1: Mirror, Mirror
Day 1: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 2: Whisk Me Away
Day 2: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 3: Reminder
Day 3: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 4: Healthy You
Day 4: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 5: Compliments Galore
Day 5: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 6: Sunrise, Sunset
Day 6: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 7: Tea Time
Day 7: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 8: Meal Time
Day 8: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 9: Lovely Body
Day 9: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 10: Pajama Party
Day 10: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 11: Smiley
Day 11: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 12: Bad Day
Day 12: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 13: Happy
Day 13: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 14: Alive
Day 14: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 15: Slather On
Day 15: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 16: I am...
Day 16: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 17: Need Air
Day 17: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 18: Nap Time
Day 18: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 19: Grateful
Day 19: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 20: Reach for the Sky
Day 20: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 21: Enough
Day 21: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 22: Red Light
Day 22: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 23: Personality
Day 23: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 24: Sharpening Your Hearing
Day 24: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 25: Super Support
Day 25: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 26: Nature Break
Day 26: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 27: Please
Day 27: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 28: Giggles
Day 28: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 29: Bed Time
Day 29: Activity
1.03 MB
Day 30: Song and Dance
Day 30: Activity
1.03 MB